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At The Blanchard Collins Law Firm, we are passionate about protecting families and your future. Our Metro Atlanta family law and family planning firm is committed to providing prompt legal services of the highest quality to each of our clients.

"Aisha Collins is the smartest, most empathic attorney I've ever dealt with. She understands 'real life' relationship issues and she helps her clients to navigate the complexities of the legal/court system with ease. She understands that divorces and child custody proceedings can be difficult and painful. She will consult and work with her clients, even on the weekends. Aisha Collins is awesome!"


"Words can even describe how much this firm means to my family and I. So I will keep it brief! Aisha has just won our case and I'm so happy. I'm now able to move forward with my life in a more productive way. Super professional, honest and straightforward throughout this strenuous process! And her assistant Lynne is amazing as well! Thank you very much Aisha Blanchard Collins you'll always hold a special place in our lives!"


"I found Ms. Aisha Collins to be extremely knowledgeable add resourceful in regards to my particular legal issue. I would certainly recommend her legal services and expertise to anyone seeking legal representation within family law."


"I recently had Mrs. Collins as my attorney. If quality, integrity, knowledgeable, well spoken, all around great attorney and person is what you want, she is definitely the go- to person! I can go on and on because their is absolutely nothing that would not be what she exemplifies. AMAZING with such poise and grace! This is what you call perfection on so many levels. It was a pleasure working with her and I would definitely use her firm again! As my mother would say, a "sharp shooter"."


"Everything I wanted was fulfilled and she did everything she said she would with confidence. Made me feel relaxed. I will always recommend Aisha Blanchard Collins to anyone who's seeking a divorce attorney and fast and times results!"


First and foremost let me say that Aisha and her assistant Lynne are hands down the best you can find. I owe them everything. They are diligent, professional, and highly engaged never missing even the smallest detail. Aisha represented me in a custody and legitimization case. She fought for me as if my son was her own child. I had a very difficult other party that constantly did everything he could to make things bad and Aisha was always there to answer my calls. It did not matter if it was after hours, a holiday, and on occasions when I just needed to talk off the clock.

When I came to Mrs. Collins I was on the verge of feeling like I had no option but to voluntarily turn over custody of my son. During our consult Aisha listened with patience and showed genuine interest and concern. I mean she was real and down to earth. She was so honest and never holds punches on the situation. She just tells you the God's honest truth and no BS. I felt so refreshed after feeling defeated for so long and felt like I was ready to fight again just feeding off of her energy.

In the courtroom she is a amazing! Not only did I maintain custody, but I got more than I asked for. In close I would have to say I would definitely recommend anybody to call her first and save yourself a lot of time and worry. Peace of mind, having someone who will fight for you like they would their own, and knowing that you have been accurately informed is priceless.


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    Blanchard Collins, LLC in Decatur provides comprehensive family law services throughout Georgia from the most simple to the most complex family law matters, including from divorce, child custody, child support, legitimation, and adoption. We are dedicated to protecting your family, your assets and your future.

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    The Blanchard Collins Law Firm understand the needs of clients when it comes to family law.

    We provide legal counsel to help you overcome the emotional obstacles that comes with family legal issues. We will resolve your case in a professional and collaborative manner, while making sure we protect our client’s rights – whether it be property or the rights as it relates to your children.

    Families are an essential part of life, and the decisions you make when considering divorce, adopting or any other matter affecting you and your family deserve careful consideration and a full knowledge of the available choices. Make an appointment with our Decatur area divorce lawyer to discuss your choices for the next step in your life.

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    A Supportive family law firm who put your family and your future first

    Everything you tell us is confidential, including the information you share in our initial meeting.
    We will help you work out child custody & support issues with full attention on the best interests of the child or children.
    We will objectively review your case from every angle to develop a smart strategy for your case.
    We help clients with all types of family law matters, including adoption, legitimation, grandparent rights and more.

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    Choosing the Right Lawyer Is the First Step in Winning Your Case

    At The Blanchard Collins Law Firm, we understand how stressful and devastating a divorce and/or child custody issues can be for any family. Our law firm is committed to providing a caring and comfortable environment where you can feel safe to talk about your case and your goals for the future. We are committed to providing quality legal services that minimize the financial and emotional burdens of the legal process for family law clients in the Metro Atlanta and Decatur area.

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